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Grass Gator has introduced an entirely new and revolutionary replacement head for your gas trimmer - the Hurricane Trim & Blow.  
Grass Gator Hurricane Trim & Blow

The Hurricane Trim & Blow is both a heavy duty fixed line trimmer head that can use any diameter trimmer line from .080 " to .105", and a highly efficient grass and leaf blower. The Trim & Blow can be used as a detail edger or an efficient grass and weed trimmer, and within seconds can be converted into a blower to clean your driveway, patio, and sidewalks. The blower is also powerful enough to handle the leaves that accumulate in your yard every fall. Checkout the video below:  

Why spend a couple of hundred dollars to buy a blower when you can, for $19.95, convert your gas trimmer into a blower and get a better line trimming head in the bargain?  

The new Grass Gator Hurricane Trim & Blow will be sold through major retailers. If your favorite retailer is not stocking this product, you can order it directly from this web site, or by calling 800-210-9949, and asking for the order desk.

Click here to purchase the Hurricane Trim and Blow

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